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All Saints Anglican church is offering a Sunday School program this year in September! 

The curriculum is called "A JOYFUL PATH" which will be supplemented with material from other sources including "THE WHOLE PEOPLE OF GOD".

"A Joyful Path" is a curriculum that reflects the ideals of progressive Christianity such as inclusiveness, designed to assist children to develop their inner wisdom as young people in a modern society.  It is described as "Joy-full, compassionate and intelligent".

The teachers will be Sue Elliott, a retired primary teacher and Loriann Dams, a special education teacher who teaches at Unity Christian school.  Sue and Loriann are excited about the program and eager to get to know the children from within the parish and any friends they may want to invite to attend these informative and enjoyable sessions.

Initially, the lessons will be held on the second Sunday of each month until June 2019.  If there is a good response to the lessons and there is a good turnout of children attending, then it is possible that more Sunday sessions will be added.

If you have any questions or comments about Sunday School, please contact Sue at  [email protected]  or 604-463-4832

Our doors are open, all are welcome!