The parish has participated in long-established ministries at the Kent and Mountain federal prisons. Currently, a team of three parishioners lead a number of men at Kent (a maximum security facility) in a Christian meditation program. The prisoners served are generally locked in their cells for all but 1/2 hour per day and the program is designed to assist them in achieving calm, patience, insight and spiritual healing. A separate group brings Anglican worship to inmates at the Mountain Institution.

Present plans include a program for inmate families who reside in our community, modelled on the non-violent communication project, in use worldwide as a practical application of restorative justice practice.

This ministry is in transition. We are reflecting on an area of ministry where those in recovery will come to All Saints to experience a caring, accepting community. This affirmation will help in the move from incarceration through recoverry to a life in community as a pro-social member of society.

This plan is in development. Please pray for god's direction in this matter.