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PWRDF Sun. Jan. 10, 2016 Monica Gibson-Pugsley

“This morning I ask us to focus on the work of the Primate’s World Relief & Development Fund – the PWRDF.
The need continues in Syria. This past week we have seen images of children starving in Madaya. Over 42,000 are starving in that town, finding only leaves, and cats to eat. We hear Syria is going to let some humanitarian aid in soon. Over 400,000 are trapped in Syria – road blocks and minefields surround Madaya and other towns & cities too. In 2015 we at All Saints collected $1,950 for the PWRDF Syria Response – can we give more? Our Canadian Government has extended its program to continue matching donations for Syria through to the end of February 2016.
How can we continue to help Syrians and others around the world? We can give an Offering Envelope specifically for PWRDF periodically throughout the year. Also we can delve into our pockets for “Loose change for change in the world” and feed the glass jar on the ‘coffee-table’ each Sunday. Whatever we can spare will help tremendously. In 2015 we collected over $290 in the glass jar alone. Let’s see if we can exceed that this year!”
Thank you.
Monica Gibson-Pugsley (PWRDF parish representative)

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