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During the week of July 17th - 23rd the "Task Force Team" (Vicar Dave, Jill Warda, Karol Henrotte and Carol Taylor) from All Saints, Agassiz attended the Diocesan School for Parish Development at UBC.

The week long session taught us many tools that will be beneficial to the Parish as we strive to continue as a stable congregation and also help us with the process we will have to face with the Diocese, in 2020, when we begin our search for a replacement for our "Beloved Vicar Dave" as he will eventually retire in a few years.

A report to the congregation was given by the "Task Force" at this past Sunday's Service and you can listen to that here on the website (under "Sermons" July 24th).

In addition please have a look at the post from our Bishop, Melissa Skelton on Congregational Development. (attached)