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My Dear Friends:

All Saints is a parish which has a long and honourable history of caring for each of its members.

Fred Watson, who is our lectionary convener as well as a member of the parish council, is suffering from severe lung problems (Pulmonary Fibrosis) which affects his ability to breathe and threatens his life. 

Fred has been told that he must have a double lung transplant in order for him to have a longer life.  In order to have a successful lung transplant and recovery Fred must live in the Vancouver area around the VGH area for three months with people who can make sure that he is okay while he recovers from his transplant. Ideally, the accommodation should be within 30 minutes of driving time from the hospital.

Fred is in a difficult situation as he has no family in Western Canada. We, the church, are his family. As of June 7th, we have found a place for Fred to live in the Vancouver area (2 blocks from VGH) during his recovery from surgery.  The hospital will now establish Fred as a priority, as there is an assurance of  housing. He now has to go through the pre-operative process and then wait for a suitable donor, for him to receive the transplant.

Our fund raising, for "Fred's Medical Fund" through "Go Fund Me" and direct donations to the church in Fred's name, is going well.  Our goal was to raise $5000.00 and at our last Parish Council meeting (Oct. 16th) we confirmed that we have received $7000.00, which exceeds our goal, thanks to donations and the hard work of our parishoner Fran Froehlich who hosted a garage sale and a murder mystery dinner with all proceeds going to "Fred's Medical Fund".  Thank you Fran!! These funds will support Fred with housing costs and other resources he may require post-surgical. 

We thank all who have contributed as we continue our support for Fred.

Our next phase is to develop a care team to assist in Fred's post-surgical care. This will involve additional expenses so we are continuing to raise money to assist in this.  If you wish to be involved in some manner please contact Ginny Jennings at  [email protected]

We have also been informed by the Diocese that Fred will be receiving the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster on Saturday, November 5th/2016 at Massey Theatre, New Westminster.

It has been my experience in the church that once we ask for the impossible, the impossible often becomes possible.

Please pray for Fred and make his need known to your network of family and friends.  We need to work quickly to assist Fred at this time of need and crisis.

Again, please keep our brother Fred in your prayers for this and other health reasons. He was hospitalized and required surgery this past week for problems connected with his heart.


Vicar Dave

P.S. We have set up a "Go Fund Me" donation page for those who would like to help Fred with the costs of temporary housing in Vancouver and post-op care. Donations to "Fred's Medical Fund" can also be made through the church (cheques to be made out to "Vicar's Discretionary Fund" with a memo "Fred's Medical Fund") and can be given to Rev. Dave, Pam Evans or Sonya Hill

To donate to "Fred's Medical Fund" click here


*to read more about Pulmonary Fibrosis click here