"The Vicar's Voice" features a periodical article written by Vicar Dave or one of his colleagues that he invites to express their views on worldwide issues. Thoughtful writers from around the Fraser Valley and the lower mainland will air thoughts and musings.  It's a place for education as well as thought-provoking ideas of current Spirituality and Christian journeys. Articles that are on this page will be hosted here for about one month and then replaced by another thought provoking piece. It is hoped that readers will read and reflect and give feedback on these pieces.


 This space is for all of us to "read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest".


If you have some thoughts about what you would like to see posted here or have questions answered about the pieces posted, please do not hesitate to email Vicar David. Send a note to: [email protected]


Click on the PDF file below for the latest issue of "The Vicar's Voice" or at the top of this page for archived issues