Ministerial Meandering

-It occurs to me that there is far too much gloom around for this time of year.  I blame Trump; he and his ridiculous supporters are fomenting ever more dangerous and divisive lies - but I also blame Covid, and with it the overzealous defensive medical administrations who continue to scaremonger amongst us, with their push for us all to get more and more ‘booster shots.’

-I have had my three shots - and that will do.  The omicron variant has yet to have (at time of writing) any hospital admissions in BC, and the symptoms are mild to none in both this country and South Africa - which is where it was first identified.

-Viruses have to mutate to survive, so finding more variants is not surprising.  Also, it is normal for the virulence to diminish, because to kill all your hosts will not be to the virus’ survival advantage.  It has been suggested by much better doctors than me (not difficult!) that the time has come to let us regain our lives and let the virus play itself into the normal timeline of mutation - in which it will become no more upsetting than the common cold.

-What this means for us is that we should start looking forward to a much happier Christmas and New Year than we had last year, and it’s time to allow ourselves and our pathological introspection a well-deserved rest.  That doesn’t mean that those of you who enjoy your pessimism and doom-laden predictions must give them up - whatever floats your boat (as the saying goes) - but for me, I’m going to start believing that life is going to get better, and the stinking rich pharmaceutical companies can take a back seat in my agenda.

-I am going to look forward with joy to the Christmas services and celebrations we are going to have in our church and parish, and I would urge you to do the same - in whatever way you feel comfortable and safe.



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