Mission statement:  As an instrument of faith, the Primate’s World Relief & Development Fund connects Anglicans in Canada to communities around the world in dynamic partnerships to advance development, respond to emergencies, assist refugees and act for positive change. 


PWRDF Sun. Jan. 17, 2021 David Hamilton


Report of the PWRDF Ministry for All Saints Anglican Church 2020
Brother and Sisters in Christ,
Another year has come and gone and the achievement of our outreach continues to rise.  I am barely able to contain myself in that the generous people of our parish in response to worthy appeals has reached $3,638.05. To put that in perspective, it more than doubles our efforts for 2019 which was a banner year in its own right. Even in itself, this was double the year before that.  This figure takes into account our coin jar, our Water Walk one day event, and our sellout PWRDF charity night in February which brought a great range of speakers and community minded spirits and parishioners of all kinds for an evening of fellowship, singing, and PWRDF giving.
The need is so great and worthy charities so numerous, that I can only sit in humble witness to the generosity of the All Saints Parish. I have no doubt that my baptism and confirmation in 2020 has imbued in me an even greater excitement for 2021. I remind myself that the PWRDF ministry is a marathon and not a sprint. Therefore we must continue with what works, giving opportunities which compliment those the church automatically provides such as the offering envelopes. How marvellous it will be when our numbers return to worship in person and potentially including more people from the local community to swell our ranks. It is easy to say that I have done a great job this year, but in fact I have done very little. 2020's rousing and firmly stated successes are entirely due to the parish donors and others who respond to the earnest call from a most worthy Canadian charity. As if All Saints could be capable of anything less. Great people get great results as a team effort. I thank all of you for reading this report and let us be strong and united in 2021.
David Hamilton
(PWRDF Parish Representative)


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