Thank you for choosing to use our Church &/or Hall facility, as your support helps us to maintain our commitment to our congregation to be good stewards of these facilities and thus help us in so many of our programs. We ask you to review the following form. If you decide to rent either the Historic Church, the Hall or both facilities, you will need to fill in and sign the following form and also carefully read and agree to the CONDITIONS OF USE which are Stated after the outline of the rental agreement. To obtain a printable copy of the form, please e-mail: or call 604-796-3553 and request a form which will be sent to you electronically.


I/We …………………………………………………………………………………………………………. request the use of the Church (   ) &/or Hall (   ) for a private function. (PLEASE CHECK APPROPRIATE BOX (S)

Date: _______________________Time: ________________________________

(NOTE:  Time is to include both setup and cleanup)

Purpose of function:           __________________________________________________________________________


I/we the above have read the CONDITIONS OF USE and agree to abide by all these conditions regarding the use of the Church &/or Hall and any other parts of the church facilities that may be made available.

A Fee of $200.00 for each facility plus a $200.00 Damage Deposit is required upon approval of the above application.

Signature of Applicant:      ____________________________________________________________

Address:                                                ____________________________________________________________


Telephone Number:            ____________________________________________________________

E-Mail Address:                   ____________________________________________________________

APPROVED:  ______________________________________ Date: ________

(Approval only through the Church Warden) 

Liability Insurance obtained & viewed (      )  Key # Issued- _____  Warden’s initial of both actions____________


Name: ________________________________Telephone :___________________________

(December 15, 2011)



Capacity: Church:- 80 persons;   Hall:- 132 persons

  1. Application must be made through by e-mail or in person at the church office of All Saints Anglican Church, Agassiz on Wednesday between 9:00-12:00.
  2. Upon approval of an application, a Fee of $200.00 for each facility plus a Damage Deposit of $200.00 must be paid at the Church Office or to a Parish Warden.
  3. It is understood that Church & Hall use also includes the use of the rear entrance passage way and the washrooms.
  4. Use of the kitchen facilities can be arranged, depending on the size of the function, which in turn will set the fee for this use. The Kitchen can only be used for for catered events or personal functions.
  5. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the Church &/or Hall is left in good order with no defacement of the structure inside or out. Failure to meet the following will mean the forfeiture of the damage deposit:

a)             all windows and exterior doors closed, locked and secured;

b)             all furniture and cabinets replaced where originally located;

c)              dishes washed, dried and stored where they belong; ( if kitchen use included )

d)             all garbage removed from the premises by the renter;

e)              all lights turned off and heat returned to its original setting.

f)              No Confetti or Rice may be used in the church or parking lot at Weddings-only bubbles or rose petals.

g)              all the buildings and grounds at All Saints Anglican church are NON-SMOKING.

  1. Should the function be one where it has been accepted that alcoholic beverages will be consumed, it is expressly understood that ALL applicable permits will be in place and ALL British Columbia liquor regulations are strictly adhered to. The church warden will need to see copies of all permits, along with a copy of the Liability Insurance.
  2. Liability Insurance Policy of one million dollars must be obtained by the renter and shown to the church warden prior to the event. The applicant understands that All Saints Anglican Church, Agassiz, BC is to be held HARMLESS with regard to injury or loss or damage to personal effects.
  3. In the event that a function is approved for a Saturday, the applicant will be required to leave the Church & /or Hall ready for the Sunday Church Worship & Sunday School.