Isiah 43:16-21
Today we celebrated on the 2nd. Sunday of Easter, Earth Day. I was honoured to have two scientists from the congregation join me. Dr. Rick Warda, our church warden and Dr. John Bower, our deacon candidate in discernment. Rick is a Dr. of Engineering and John is a Dr. of Earth Science. Rick started us by reading from Isiah 43: 16-21. In this reading the prophet reminds us that God will cause many wonders to happen over time. This has been the work of science. John spoke to us about his faith leading him into investigating in a scientific manner, the mysteries of plant life in a vigorous discipline, evidenced base manner. The Gospel for the day reminds us that Thomas used an evidenced based approach to the Resurrection of Jesus. He should be named "Thomas the Scientist" instead of "Thomas the Doubter”. 
Climate change is not a belief but a fact based in evidence. We must remember that there is one planet, one God and one people where we all work together to save the planet, which includes those in political authority.
 It is with regret that the recording of the fine presentations of our scientists could not be reflected in toddy's recording as the machine malfunctioned. What is attached is the first part of their presentation prior to the breakdown as well as a reproduction of the sermon which follows a ten second delay after Dr. John is cut off in mid sentence.