This Sunday, Karol Henrotte and the Vicar reported on behalf of the Synod team which included Jill Warda and Sebastian Molina on the meeting of Synod in Vancouver. We are members of a large community drawn together by God's love and inspired by the Holy Spirit. The repeating theme of Synod was "Hold Fast to What is Good". Following this theme, we experienced the core of First Nations Education which is community based with an active inclusion of Spiritual and Environmental awareness; Anti-Racism education, Environmental awareness work and a re-statement of our commitment to Social Justice.

The Synod reviewed the administrative working of the diocese as well as our financial situation and mechanics.

It was a meeting where the reconciling love of God was demonstrated and supported. We are Blessed to be a part of an inclusive faith community of the Diocese of New Westminster. All of us are committed at expressing God's Love in our communities as led by the Holy Spirit.