Matt: 15: 21-28

 Trinity Sunday, we take a look into the nature of God. The Christian Church has two views. One is conservative which came into prominence with the arise of the enlightenment about 400 years ago. Science at that time had demonstrated that the ancient saga of understanding of a flat earth with a dome over it with fire and water underneath the flat earth which is found in Genesis was not history but that the earth was round and in relationship to the sun, the planets and the universe. Science was attacked by the church and the Church proclaimed that all the claims of the human Bible were literally true. This claim was principally driven by the Calvinist segment of Christianity and can be found taught today in the Eastern Fraser valley.

There were other Christians that always understood the saga of Creation as wisdom and metaphor pointing to truth. They saw the the concept of Trinity as one God with three separate identities-like water which exists as solid, liquid and gas at the same time at -0.01C. That God is alive beyond us, around us and within us in a theology known as imminence and "panentheism" (God within us and in all living beings) as well as the God beyond us known as transcendence. This progressive understanding has God alive, dancing and changing with us on the life journey of each of us, individually and in community as well as Created People of the earth.

This truth means that we are to reflect God as signs of God's Love in the world with the assistance of loving God within us.