John 18: 1-18

Today, the Anglican Church across Canada celebrated Aboriginal Sunday. We know that we have all been made by the same Creator God. We as Christians historically made a serious error based upon some bad theology pronounced in 1420. The Doctrine of Discovery has led the Christian Church into very serious and wrong directions. We did not follow Jesus instruction to love. We used the sword to colonize non European lands with great cost of life and culture. We turned the Bible into an instrument of genocide instead of Love.

Today, led by the Holy Spirit, we are following Jesus instruction to put the sword away and to heal and restore others and ourselves to wholeness as reflected by Jesus actions in the Garden.

Europeans, historically did not understand the developed culture and ways of learning that were central to Aboriginal life. These principles which are Spiritual based and holistic are instructive to us as we face the crisis of Climate Change and the extinguishment of life forms on the planet. The principles are laid out for us to reflect upon as we journey together on this planet as a Whole People of God.