Gen. 21:8-21; Rom. 6:1-11; Matt. 10:24-39

As Christians alive today, we realize that God is on a Journey with us, loving us as we face today's issues, as we live in a new dynamic world with God immanent with us. Our faith is emergent in 2017.

Today, with life span being three times longer than in the New Testament time, where genetic illness such as ALS best-set us which was unknown in Jesus time as people died before it became known we understand that the Bible is not inerrant and not God's only voice to us.

As emergent Christians, we see authority in the Bible not as the Romans did where things were prescriptive and didactic but rather understand as the early Spirit of the New Testament where authority was understood much like the freedom of authors who interpreted, free to move and journey with God alive in us and among us, not rigid and stone-like.

We now are empowered through prayer, reason and in council to hear God's voice with us in new and surprising ways as we respond morally to the issues of our own time led by the reconciling love of God.