Genesis 22: 1 - 14 ; Romans 6: 12 - 23; Matthew 10: 40 - 42

Canada Day weekend, as we move as a country into the next 150 years, is a time to reflect upon our Progressive Christian Voice in the wider world. We profess an 'Imminent God' so we must voice this in the public place and not try to silo our values and life decision-making framework having separate religious, political, environmental, economic and other value sets. We need to integrate them as modern Christians. Religion is not about Creeds, doctrine and ritual behaviour but is about life vision and values. Not only must a progressive Christian Voice be heard but we need to realize that secular values are not anti-religious. We make common cause on most things with most people both those from other Spiritual viewpoints and with secular people. Secular humanism is not the enemy-hate is!

There are 6 major rules to follow when mixing religion with politics:

1) We are never to seek preferential treatment because we are Christian and are points are not more valuable than others. God is incarnate and imminent everywhere in Creation not just in a church,

2) We must seek to understand our adversaries and work to be understood by them. We engage in a spirit of respect. This is true of other religions and those with no religion. Understand their stories.

3) We must identify the many values we share in common and start from there. Care of our families, care of the earth, advocating for justice for the marginalized such as refugees and the LGBTQ peoples.

4) We must as possible build 'Common Cause' giving ground and through compromise build a coalition of effort for progressive outcomes and dignity for all as we journey in life and community.

5) We should never as Christians outlaw conduct unless it directly undermines the common good. We personally are arbitrators of our own moral standards but not of the larger community.

6) We must be prepared to deliberate in community. We must engage in conversation and to do so we need to understand our own framework and be able to articulate it to others in meaningful ways.

As progressive Christians, we are the catalysts for loving change in community as God walks 'imminently' with us.