Gen 29: 15-28/Rom 8: 26-39/Matt 13: 31-33, 44-52

 God is Imminent with us. In response, the Bible asks three things of us: (1) Who are we to be?; (2) How should we live? and (3) Why do we fail to be and live as we should? Our focus today is who we are to be. These too are our questions in 2017.

In Genesis 2 God gives Adam responsibility to arrange and order the creation that God made. Adam in Hebrew means "of blood" as dam is Hebrew for blood. As a human, Adam given "Creative Responsibility". This is the chief responsibility of a Human and Christian-even today. We are not called to conform but to create. We are co-creators with God!

We are fully part of the web of Creation. not helpless observers.

It is our work assignment as well as privilege

The basics of creation are established so we work within a set of givens.

The "Lordship" which we all have been granted is Serventhood to Creation and to God, the Creator.