Matt 22: 35-40

As Progressive Anglicans who recognize God as love we need answer three questions. We explored the second and third questions-What are we to do? and Why do we fail to live as we intend?

Jesus gave us two guide posts- the summery of the Law-love God and love neighbour as self. Matt 22:35-40

We live in a society often based on self-hatred and all about cosmetic images. Our values are often about appearance and not about character. This is especially true in the age of media. Jesus calls us to be self-giving to everyone-friends and enemies, kin and foreigners alike. When all the parts of the community are healthy, we all are healthy.

Who is my neighbour? Matthew 25 tells us that the whole world is our neighbour. What we do to the least of these we do to God.

We live in the 'uni-verse" and what we do to one we do to the all-including God.

We need to be aware that we are not God. The tower of Babel was a myth to remind us that diversity is Holy and not to be suspicious of it. When we gain power over diversity we are in jeopardy of thinking we are gods, not that there is simply Divinity resting within us. "Homo Deus" is new secular thought of the 21st. Century. It argues that Man has supplanted God and taken God's place. Man is not God where we control everything else. We are called to serventhood not domination of the universe including our planet home -earth.