Progressive Anglicans follow in the tradition of Jesus. Jesus is a radical! He challenged the self-serving values and actions of his day. He was not satisfied to just follow Jewish religious practice. He was not satisfied to allow the vested interests of his day such as the Temple clergy and their extended families and friends make money at the expense and well being of the lower classes of His day. He called for change-radical change. He wanted the voices of all to be heard. Jesus wanted the outcasts to be included and seen as equals in God's Reign, He loved all people-Jews and non-Jews alike, seeing them all as the People of God.

Today, as we are still called to be radical as members of the Kingdom of Heaven. We are called to be workers for Justice, Inclusion and Reconciliation. It is not comfortable to be a Jesus Radical. However, those are our roots and this is our true calling as Progressive People.

How do we engage in this calling? There are many opportunities both within the church and beyond. In the church we can reflect upon our speech, attitudes and thoughts. Are we being mean, difficult, bigoted and non-restorative? Are we scheming to "get Even" or holding grudges. If we are, being this to God in prayer and have discussion with others. If we are avoiding programs that seek to end racism or bring us to reconciliation with First Nations, then we need reflect if this is the Vision of Jesus and a progressive journey.

We are called to be engaged in doing good in Just ways with both those whom we feel a sense of safety and those like Immigrants we sometimes feel suspicious. It is okay to love non-Christians as God Loves all of God's creation.