Today we explored the roots of power that can trick us into moving away from our Christian Values of God's Love and slipping into violent actions and decisions. It is this cycle that creates desperation, hopelessness and the need of people to uproot and leave their homes and homeland for personal safety and survival. This is the root cause of refugees.

Anne and Gerry White introduced us to our refugee family that is coming to us from the Congo. The parish is a part of the community sponsorship team for the family. We welcome them and our hearts go out to them.

There are people who want power and control over others and will go to any lengths to achieve their ends. The extermination of the Jews in World War 2, the killing fields of South east Asia of the 1970's, the inter tribal fights in Africa and our own extermination of First Nations in Newfoundland and the Southern USA are all examples of this genocidal action. Sadly, it continues today in Myanmar

(Burma) and in Nigeria in Africa. We explored a simple experiment of how easy it is to over a short time to overpower the moral boundaries of others. This trickery is used by those spreading false news and stoking fear around the world.

As Christians we are called to maintain our Christian core and when we recognize our vulnerability, so we can maintain our stance of Love and not fear and shame.