Ex 16: 2-15/ Phil 1;21-30/ MATT 20:1-16

Today, on the fourth anniversary of the march for Truth and Reconciliation in which 8 members of the parish marched and today during the 2nd. march in Vancouver we Celebrated our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation. We also remembered for Orange Shirt day (Sept 30th) that every child matters in our response to God's call that God Loves ALL of God's Creation! We reviewed the Anglican Charter for Racial Justice which stands against Racism in all its forms.

Racism is defined as: The belief, reinforced by power and privilege, that one race is innately superior to other races. We recognize that race is a social construct. Racism evolves from this construct, does exist and is real. It is our belief as Anglicans that their is only one race: the human race.

We looked at the negative impact of racism, often perpetrated in the name of God in colonial times when white settlers tried to dominate and obliterate the Indigenous People's in Canada and of the world in the name of civilization. It is a sad history which we must understand and disavow.

In 2007 The Anglican Church of Canada stated and endorsed a series of Beliefs and made commitments to work against racism know as The Charter for Racial justice. The diocese has committed itself that eventually all people will take anti-racism training as a commitment to making 'rights from wrongs'.

The charter can be seen in totality at: