Philippians 3: 4b - 14/ Matthew 21: 33 - 46

Today is Thanksgiving Sunday. Happy Thanksgiving to all! We Celebrate the beautiful Harvest Decorations and the signs of our skills for which we are grateful. The Gospel reminds us that our Faith is based in Jesus' love and not on a set of Doctrines which supported the Pharisees. We are called to love and to risk.

In 2017 we are facing the extinguishment of the peoples of the planet through Climate Change. The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church and the Pope have come together calling on all People's of the Earth to risk, overcome divisions and come together to resolve the Climate Change through government action, industrial action and personal rethinking and action.

Human estinguishment is a real threat and we have only about 50 years at most to act. Into the future, we want our great-great grandchildren to have a good life and to celebrate a Harvest as we are today. They won't if we don't act and influence now. We won't always be liked for our stance but neither were the Apostles.