Matthew 22:1-14

This phrase from Jesus Parable about Heaven has often been used as a weapon excluding some and including others in a judgmental manner. Jesus intended this teaching to not just be about Jews and it applies to more than Christians. All people on earth are invited to be a part of a heavenly community now. It is a come as you are universal party for all of the created people of God. The limiter is that we are to wear the "Wedding Garment"

What is this garment? It is not about fine clothing, it is about attitudes and personal ethic. Are we loving, accepting of diversity, caring, forgiving and restorative? If these attitudes do not surround us like a garment, then we are not fit for the banquet of heaven.

Jesus calls us to reflect and adopt these ways of being, no-matter what our culture, race, religion, color or ethnic background. We can be forgiven our past as we walk in a new way of seeing life and respond to the Love of God. We are to know love in the created diversity of God and not be afraid of difference.