Matthew 25:1-13

We Remember the War Dead and those survivors who after experiencing violence and war suffer some degree of PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is important for all of us to acquaint ourselves about this stress related work-place injury. Jesus calls us in the Gospel to be prepared.

When prepared with knowledge, we are more able to serve and keep ourselves healthy. Jesus calls us to love and serve. We are called to do this in a thoughtful and skilled manner. It is important as we assist people re-integrate into society or come to our society as we await the refugee family that we not only thank them for service but seek to understand their service and life journey.

It is through thoughtful and intentional ministry that we can assist ourselves and others create our Garden of Eden in the midst of a diverse world and gradually build this vision globally as hope and love will in the end be victorious over violence and hate.