Mark 13:24-37

Jesus is our Hope. Hope is a call to trust in God which overcomes desperation, fear and helplessness. Jesus is trustworthy and we can rest in Him.

Jesus, born as a child in the world not only assures us that in a state of hopelessness, we can trust that Jesus is there with us. He is our light as well as our hope when things seem dark and we feel weak.

This is a dark season and some of us are overcome when the sun goes south. In this time, all things seem difficult. In Jesus, whether or not we are in the grip of sadness, we can trust Jesus and depend on his presence in us.

The Incarnation tells us that Jesus is fully human and fully Divine. We know that this Divinity rests within us. We are to be the light of Jesus in this world, bringing hope to our world. We light the darkness by our hopeful presence. I am reminded that we are all like LED lights, emitting light to the world.

As we prepare for Christmas, let us focus on our personal ministries of being hopeful and value of our trustworthiness as we prepare for Christmas.