Mark 1:1-8

Jesus is Peace. We are preparing in Advent for the Birth of Jesus celebration, Christmas. Jesus' Divinity born in a human form means that Divinity is living within us all, not just Jesus. We are preparing to celebrate our own acknowledgement that divinity lives in us, it is like our annual acknowledgement of alive Divinity in us- our birthday of our individual gift of Divinity from God.

We carry the light of Peacemaking within us. As Jesus is Peace, we are called to be the makers of Peace in our daily lives. In our advent preparation, as we wait to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we need to reflect upon our own interactions with our selves and others. The daily challenge is always there! Do I respond in a violent, hostile manner to others and myself or do I turn to my inner divinity and respond to Jesus who lives within myself?

I have found that it takes discipline of self as well as patience and practice to let the Peace of Jesus shine within myself and toward others. We need to be conscious of our goal to be people of reconciliation, peaceful justice, calmness and care. We have to be open to others and practice empathy.

Empathy is the practice of knowing one's inner strengths but also placing oneself in the shoes of the other to gain an insight of what is being said or asked. It is a deep and sensitive non-judgmental listening. It is through deep understanding, care, reconciliation and listening that peacemaking is achieved. We hold our values but are fully mindful of the needs of the other and respond using our gift of Divinity.

"Blessed are the Peacemakers" Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount which contains the 10 commandments for Christians. Jesus is Peace and that Peace is a part of our divinity gift. Let us prepare to recognize it, use it and celebrate it alive within us all.