Is 61:1-4; 8-11/1Thess. 5: 16-24/ John 1:6-8; 19-28

"Jesus is Joy" is often forgotten in times of darkness. We need to follow the example of Victor Frankel who teaches us that Joy comes from living a meaningful life. Meaning comes from living a life that is satisfying, where our actions give us meaning. Jesus gives us the example through his ministry and service. Jesus inspired Frankel who converted to Christianity from Judaism.

Jesus sets the example for all of us. As we prepare for the Incarnation, we need to review our lives and see if what we are doing, gives us meaning and then satisfaction which then brings us Joy and lasting happiness.

I invite us to reflect in the light of Jesus as in Jesus, we find lasting Joy through service. It is this happiness that overcomes the lust for money and control. Jesus who gives us a source of meaning in life, will give us Joy.We are "a Divine People" who individually and collectively carry the Light of Christ within us. Let our light shine this Christmas as it will give us everlasting Joy that will never be extinguished.