John 1:1

Merry Christmas! This season is a time of gathering to celebrate the Birth of Jesus. Christmas is a time in which we celebrate the embodiment of God in our world through Jesus' birth. Not only this birth but also the Divine Spark that rests within each and everyone of us we recognize at this season. This Spark of Divinity is in all people, not just Christians.

Divinity develops within us as we age. We often don't see ourselves as Divine. However, we are divine and are lights to a dark world. Early Christians stood up for the values of Jesus against the Roman Empire-to the point of death as we see inferences in the Nicene Creed.

We too must be lights in darkness standing up for the social Justice values of Jesus. We stand up in supportive ways for Refugees coming into Canada, for the rights of all equally: First Nations, Settlers, peoples from around the world. We bring Light to dark ideas and radically love as Jesus would have us do. Today, some parts of popular Christianity has diminished this New Testament truth and overshadowed it with a poor and twisted understanding of the Jewish Biblical understanding.

We are the Light of Christ and we celebrate this incarnate truth this day. Doing this is the essence of a Merry Christmas!