1 Cor 7:29-31/ Mark 1:14-20

Today, we are called to Proclaim the Good News through following Jesus. Mark calls us to repent and believe the Good News. Often times we think the Bible is the "Word of God". In reality, the "Word of God" is Jesus. Jesus teaching, actions and love is the word of God.

These words from Jesus includes a calling to apply Jesus words in our day to day lives. We are not perfect, however. We make mistakes and upon review, we know that we need to repent. We are forgiven and carry on life without shame.

This empowers us to grow in our faith journey, change and move on. We are life long learners on our life journey. Our journey includes a call to us to invite others to join us on our journey. Many in the congregation have turned to Jesus and dedicated themselves to service, which is a ministry. When we respond, we become part of the Light of Christ in the World.

May we continue to minister and invite others to respond to the love of God and serve Jesus. No matter what befalls us, Jesus walks beside us as we celebrate the second coming within us as we respond in ministry.

If you decide to listen to the recording of today's sermon, there is a silent reflection at the start of the recording.