Deut 14: 15-20/ 1Cor. 8:1-13/ Mark 1:21-28

Jesus taught and healed with healing Authority in his time. We have received Jesus vision of love, care and inclusion and authority through the Holy Spirit. We are to look at the emerging issues of our time and based on discussion, study, research, reflection and prayer seek to respond to these issues in a caring loving responsible manner. This manner of being and practicing Christianity is called Emergent Christianity.

All Saints Parish and in general, the Diocese of New Westminster is a part of this "emergent movement" within the Anglican and general Christian Church. There are many streams of vision in Anglicanism as it is a big tent inclusive movement. We respect a diversity of opinion as well as respecting those who hold differing opinions. Our foundation for authority within Anglicanism is scripture, historic order of the church (Bishops, Priests, Deacons and Laity), seven sacraments, and reason. Emergent Anglicanism applies reason to the issues of our day.

One of the emerging issues of our time is a re-understanding of Human Sexual dynamics. In Biblical times, sexuality was thought to be simply male and female. Today we know that sexual identity is far more complex. We know from medical science that all of us are first formed as female and then as we develop in the womb some of us move toward maleness. Our sexual identity formation is on a spectrum where we can appear physically to be of one gender and can be psychologically be of the other gender. After birth this self-understanding gradually develops and crystallizes by about the age of 21. This manner of development is known as non-binary sexual identity. Roughly one third of people are either female, male or non-binary (LGBTQX on the spectrum). The Anglican Church in this light gives place, inclusion, care and understanding to LGBTQX peoples. We ordain people without regard for their orientation as we regard all people equally before God in love and without shame.

This is a light to many people who have experienced pain and discrimination from other places within Christianity, as well as their families and friends. As Emergent Anglicans we are called to review our own attitudes and remember that we are called to be Lights in the world, bringing the Love of Jesus to all people and with the Authority of the Holy Spirit.