2 cor.4:3-6 /Mark 9: 2-9

Paul reminds us that we are called to live out the Light of Jesus which is love. Mark's Gospel took us to explore the Transformation of Peter, James and John to see Jesus in a new light. Their lives were turned upside down.

In 2018, we are called to turn our lives away from cultural attitudes toward minorities and develop a sensitivity for others in our interactions with them. It is not "political correctness" but a sincere desire to be empathetic where we place ourselves in the shoes of the other. We need to attempt to hear what we are saying will be heard by the other, both when we say it and when after we have said it. We can say hurtful things. When we say something that upon second thought, it is up to us to make amends. Sometimes, it is not possible but we can learn from our mistakes and change our ways.

When we change our way, we need to understand that this is pleasing to God and that we are exercising our call to love and serve in the ministry of believers.