Acts 8: 26-40 / 1 John 4:7-21 / John 15:1-8

Today as modern Christian Believers, with all of our validated knowledge of the Universe we know that there is no physical place of Hell or Heaven. These places were understood to be real places when ancient peoples did not fully understand the universe, The very early church before the Fall of the Temple in Jerusalem did not consider Heaven & Hell to be physical places unlike their ancient neighbours. They were seen as metaphorical places. After the Temple's fall, the metaphor became a more literal place as the Christians fell into the dominant thinking of their day.

This idea grew for the next few hundred years. When the church became established in the Roman Empire, Heaven and Hell with Judgment became convenient means for church leaders to control the congregation through the threat of Judgment. This is impossible for humans to control God! There are no degrees of goodness.

 We need to put this tribal control thought away and re-imagine God as Love, not as a God of violence or threats of violence.

Part two we will explore a new understanding of Eternal life and Heaven for all people.

God's Uncompromising Love