John 15:9-17

God has chosen us to proclaim the word of God's love for all of God's creation-not just a few Christians but the whole world. It is a challenge to integrate all we know about the world and the universe today from modern science and a full faith in God. The ancients who wrote the Scripture gave us their best understanding. We know more as modern peoples and need to re-imagine our faith framework based in reality and not fantasy.

We know that God is love and the love of God is for all the "Common Good". How do we express this in 2018. I firmly believe and trust that we all have eternal life. God extends "Eternal Life" for all of God's Creation, not just a few Christians. All people are loved be they Christians, Jewish, Muslim or no faith at all. We are created in community and it is in community of the planet that we thrive, not as a group of selfish individuals.

Three and one-half Billion years ago, about ten billion years after the Creation of the Universe life began to appear in a random and evolutionary manner upon the earth. First in the sea and then upon the land. The Universe is all about life. Energy comes from the universe, provides energy for our creation and the energy changes over time but it never is destroyed. The carbon from which our earthly bodies are formed comes from Super-Novas, the stardust that is sent out into the universe from a dying star. We are stardust alive and transformed.

We all have a uniqueness of spirit-our Divine Spark. I believe this is a "Divine Spark" that is within us all of our earthly lives. Upon our bodily death, this Divine energy goes back to God the Energy of the Universe. Energy never is destroyed. Our life goes on eternally. We are loved by God who is love and we are called to unconditionally love God, ourselves and others. It is our responsibility to not allow this light of love to be dimmed or tarnished in our life's journey.