Acts 2:1-21


Today, the Day of Pentecost marks an important milestone in the life of the early Christian Church and for us today. They and us are animated to bring new life from God to the earth, demonstrating the Love of God in action. I am a strong believer and have experience with the Holy Spirit alive in my life. It takes us beyond our comfort zone and into godly action.

Historically, the book of Acts which recounts the Christian day of Pentecost was written by Luke about the year 85 AD. Christians were feeling weak, outcast, downcast and afraid. Jerusalem had fallen, the city of Pompey had been destroyed by a volcano, the Jerusalem Christians were on the run, the Jewish people were shunning them. This for them was the "end times". The early Christians were reminded and encouraged to think that instead of destruction and end times, the fire that destroyed Pompey as indeed a fire from God that empowers and encourages them, not just the group but the world- the meaning if tongues.

This empowerment by the Holy Spirit reaches us today.  Members of the parish, Mike and Ines Dicks were inspired to visit Belize to share their gifts in mass cooking. Mike shares his experience and testimony with us on the audio with this note. He has a strong message with a lovely soft spoken voice. You may want to increase your volume as you listen. He assisted them in learning about being "food-safe". He experienced a beautiful people who taught him contentment, patience and insight. These gifts were immediately called upon his return to Agassiz put into practice by Mike when he was asked to respond to a suicide in the midst of his contract workforce. He did this with sensitivity, courage and love. Thank you for your ministry and example.

The Holy Spirit is alive with us and calling us to make a decision about helping to settle another refugee family in Agassiz-Harrison. It is a decision which we are called to make today. The Holy Spirit is always alive, working in us, calling us to respond to God's love for us.