St. Mark 4: 35-41

St. Mark reminds us of Jesus' words that with Him, we do not have to be afraid.

We are living in an era of fear, some real and some manufactured for political gain. Sadly, it is often Christians who get caught up in this fear hysteria and forget the principles of Christian love.

We live in a real world where Climate Change is real and is having its impact. This impact includes dislocation of people around the equator and turning people into refugees due to drought and social chaos.

Jesus challenges us to draw the circle of Jesus love bigger. We do not have to be afraid as Jesus love is with us. What is our attitude towards life. Are we afraid of change and life. The world includes us all. Tribalism feeds fear! We are one planet with one people and bask in the love of one God.

This day we celebrate Aboriginal Appreciation Day. First Nations welcomed us as Settlers and then we turned on our sisters and brothers. I apologize for this action.

Jesus does not support white tribalism which often comes out as racism and fear. This is not a Christian value. We are to celebrate differences. We do not have to be afraid. We are called to love and Jesus calls us to "Draw the Circle Wide". The basic call of all religious systems is the same-respect each other and follow the love of God as we understand and name God, living not in fear but in love..