Mark 5:21-43

Canada is a place that is doing better in recent years of including and integrating peoples from around the world into its fabric.

Sadly, this hasn't been always true. However today, leaders are attempting to do better. God loves us all, no-matter what our race, colour or creed. On this Canada Day we need to be aware of Jesus teaching and move beyond our fears and prejudices.

We will encounter folks who have a fearful and narrow view of immigrants and refugees. We are all immigrants here except for the First Nations. It is up to us, as followers of Jesus to confront prejudice and racism with its associated false beliefs such as immigrants take jobs away from Canadians. Jesus encountered prejudice and always included the outcast and the vulnerable into His care and healing. It is up to us to engage those with prejudicial attitudes and voice the teaching and modelling of Jesus.

We need each other as we build a country of care and love.