Pentecost is the season to reflect upon and apply the teachings of Jesus to  our daily lives. The core of Jesus was teaching about God's Love and responding in Gratitude to this love at both a personal and community level.

Gratitude is a Spiritual awareness and a social structure of gift and response at an individual and community level. It is a dynamic relationship.There are two basic levels of response in and to Gratitude.

a) emotional:-feelings in response to a gift

b) ethical:- actions in response to a gift

There are also two dynamic ares where we experience Gratitude:

a) personal:- me in my personal life

b) public:- we in community

Over the next few Sundays we will explore this alive practice of Gratitude from a variety of viewpoints.We will also look to the darker side of this subject where Gratitude is confused with duty and rewards and punishment, both in the church community and the secular society.  Prosperity Gospel and Quid Pro Quo tarnish the truth of our thankfulness as God's gift of Creation is freely given to all.