Mark 6:30-34,53-56

Gratitude has 4 dynamics: me & feelings; me & ethics; we & feelings and we & ethics. Our focus today is on me & ethics. A huge topic which will take two weeks to explore.

Gratitude in action is not a feeling but an ethic. When we were born we receive 3 gifts: life; Love and ability to understand. In Gratitude we respond to these gifts. We have a disposition towards these gifts which leads actions of thankfulness. Ethic is often defined as a framework of principles. In life we feel it, we think it, we do it. Gratitude like love is a decision.

Individual gratitude is enhanced and a positive habit forms in our lives through a number of steps. These include: keeping a gratitude journal; make it a daily practice; think with gratitude; daily prayer; give expressions of thoughtfulness and thanksgiving. Studies have shown that this practice leads to reduced stress, longer life, and better sleep.

Next Sunday we further explore as Christians the journey of the practice of gratitude.