2 Sam 11: 1-15// Eph 3: 14-21// John 6: 1-21

Gratitude is a practice that we first begin on a personal level. It is an ethical practice which is emotional responses applied to our daily lives in action. We open our eyes and give thanks as individuals for life, for air and for the opportunity to give thanks.

It is good to practice Thanksgiving on a daily basis.  Giving thanks morning, noon and night as well as at meals is a practice that assists many people live more fully their lives. It, over time assists us in developing a positive lie attitude and makes us more immune to fear mongering and manipulation.

There are many benefits to giving thanks at a personal level. We come to understand God, not as a "holy vending machine" but as a positive and gracious healing power in our lives. As this attitude develops within us personally, research has demonstrated that we have less illness, more life peacefulness and we sleep better and live longer.

The parish has on line provided a twice weekly service of Compline-an evening prayer to end the day. Ms. Carol Taylor lead's this ministry. It is found on the web page. It is a powerful tool that I use in the evening several times a week. I commend it to you.

Life is a Blessing-let us live our lives at a personal level in gratitude.