Proverbs 31:10-31 / James 3:13-4:8 / Mark 9:30-37

The Jesus in the gospel calls us to receive all people to ourselves as equals. As we receive children and outsiders marks as how Jesus is received by us. Sadly, we live in a world that is racist. It is our duty to understand racism and fight it within ourselves and in all our institutions-including the church.

RACISM is the belief, reinforced by power and privilege, that one race is innately superior to other races. Reflecting upon this definition, how do we see ourselves and our church.

There are six types of churches on a continuum. They are: (1) An Excluding Church; (2) A Church of the Status Quo; (3) An Open Church; (4) An Awakening Church; (5) A Redefining Church; (6) A Transformed Church.In categories 1& 2 Racial and cultural differences are seen as deficits. In categories 3 & 4 tolerance of racial and cultural differences are noted. Churches that live within #5 &6 note that racial and cultural differences are seen as assets. The modern church must work to reflect this understanding.

The modern Anglican Church is a church that is growing and has great racial and cultural diversity. We are enriched by the presence of folks from across the world who bring their faith and culture to our community. We are a church of racial diversity. We celebrate that truth as an alive church.

We need to welcome and celebrate our new reality. We build upon it and it is our reality.