Mark 10:35-45

Jesus reminds us in Mark that 'the First shall be Last and the Last shall be First!' In the community of Jesus - our church, their is no "high station". We are to be servants of all. We are equal and all called to serve- servant of servants.We are all on the same plain with different responsibilities and gifts yet still equal.

The Anglican church does not support "supererogation" the building up of good deeds and blessings which allows us to also sin and God would look the other way. There was this thought during the time of the Reformation. Thomas Cranmer, the genius behind our Book of Common Prayer and the development of Anglican Theology influenced the church to stand against this. We are all equal, equally before God.

We must always be prepared to be honest with each other in love and service. Sometimes we fear that we can be used as Christians as people will take advantage of our desire to serve. We need to have good boundaries. It is okay to say "no" to a request. Good boundaries make it possible to say yes when we mean it and no when we mean it. Applied love in society means that we must have the freedom to say no in a guilt-free and shame-free manner. This atmosphere helps build healthy community. "No" is a love word.

As servants in community with Jesus we are like our breakfast cereals "Crisp and Ready to Serve"!