Luke 21: 25-36

We are living in a dark time, both as the days shorten but also as our society seems to be regressing. There are many universal problems that seem to overwhelm us and so we retreat into tribalism and seeking scapegoats. How do we find "Hope" in the face of this?

We often seek outside help but in reality, God dwells within and we see hope from God within ourselves and thorough our attitude toward life.

There are a number of places to find intrinsic hope within each of us. I recognized that life experiences can cloud this vision but it is there. We look to these truths that contain hope: Life is inherently hopeful(in nature life follows death); we know more in 2018-19 than ever before( science is placing carbon back into concrete as it is made);the future is uncertain( we can change our actions using the brains God gave us); we maybe able to solve the crisis because we caused it( we do not need to rollover);humankind is leaving tribalism and beginning to think Globally and act locally(we are leaving small thinking behind); history tells us that no matter how dark, positive social change is always possible(Winston Churchill reminds us to never give up but always hope and work for positive results); the citizens movement is growing around the world-people are mobilizing and not being passive; hope is a learned response to problems( we need to cultivate a hopeful attitude); it is our Christian responsibility to be hopeful as Jesus is the sign of God's hope for Creation( we have the love and energy of God within us); and what else can we do-just give up which is not in the Christian lexicon.

Hope is worked at, takes bravery and risks but is always present with us and God who is indwelling.