John 2:1-11

Today, Archbishop Melissa Skelton paid us a welcome visit and we celebrated the Confirmation of Loriann Dams at All Saints. It is the first service of Confirmation that we have celebrated in the parish in many years.

Thie Archbishops sermon is attached and there is a 10 second delay before we begin to hear her wisdom.

Archbishop had us explore the meaning of the Wedding at Cana. She reminded us of the specialness of a wedding and all the pressure surrounding it. The stress if something goes wrong, like runniing out of wine.

We all can run out of wine, a metaphore for energy and enjoyment of life, due to pressure in our lives. It can happen in our lives and in our families. We need to have the courage to nmae our circumstance. We bring it to Jesus to have our jar refilled. With Jesus, she reminded Loriann and all of us, the gifts we have been given can be unlocked.