Jer 17: 5-10 / 1 Cor. 15:12-20 / Luke 6: 17-26

Today's Gospel from Luke begins with Jesus coming down from a mountain. He had been in prayer with his disciples and had chosen 12 to be His Apostles. They all walked down to a level place and joined the disciples waiting there. On this level plain, Jesus taught the Beatitudes as given in Luke. These are regarded as Jesus commandments. Following these no-matter our condition will bring us happiness or Blessings.

This is an important passage. All the Gospels are metaphorical in nature. The plain is just not a simple field but a reference to equality. Jesus, the Apostles and the Disciples all ministered together on a level plain. This is still true today. We had, just before the Gospel, commissioned the Parish Council. These folks have been inspired by God to serve, having heard God's call. We all minister together equally in the parish, responding to and living out Jesus Commandments.

Our ministry in all of our congregation is like the people of Corinth, who as taught by St. Paul to follow the Risen Christ in love. May we all follow their example as we are guided by Jesus in service of God in Love.