John 20:1-18

Happy Easter, the day we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.

The early peoples experienced Christ's presence in their lives in many ways. This warm, assuring loving presence transformed their lives. The early Apostles recovered from the sorrow, shock, grief and pain of Jesus Crucifixion and were transformed into a force of internal and external strength. Historically, the church that began on Easter day, following the teachings of Jesus moved from a group of about 20 peasant men and women to a group of 30 million people by the year 320 AD and who controlled the Roman Empire. In this time they survived many trials and tribulations, persecutions, betrayals and setbacks of an evolving community. That is an historic truth! The power of Christ in their midst made a difference.

Scientifically, we sometimes get side-tracked into the how. The important truth is the reality of Christ in their lives and our lives is Transformational. I look at this of God's love in action. The indwelling of love in all the world making all things new. Love is the energy that sustains the universe. This day of Resurrection is a sign of the abiding love of God on earth and in the Universe.

May God Bless us all with new life.