Acts 9: 36-43 // Revelation 7: 9-17 // John 10:22-30

I came across a scientific fact the other day that we are all connected, not just in DNA but through the micro bi-ome that lives within us all. We are connected to all other humans and all other animals as well as the plants and the fish. All the world is in a system together and in a relational dynamic. When part of it gets disturbed, we all get disturbed. We need healthy relationships at many levels to stay healthy.

This has always been true. In the book of Acts, we read of Peter's miracle of rising Dorcas from the dead. This moved many pagans to convert and follow Christ. Jesus in John's gospel indicates his Messiahship and calls us to follow Jesus in love. We are called to be a caring family together. We are called to be in relationship with ourselves, our loved ones and all others.

On this Mother's day, in invite you to think of those who you are in relationship with as well as those who you are not in day to day contact. In addition, remember hose who have died and who we love but see no longer. We are still in relationship with them and they with us. May we journey together as the family of God inviting others into our midst.