Acts 16: 16-34 // John 17: 20-26

God is vitally alive in us. God is a dance of energy. We all have God's Divinity living in us. This energy, alive, moving and giving is with us always. Sometimes we don't feel Divine but that power is there.

In Acts we see three Apostles come to Europe and discover a woman being trafficked for money. Paul, Silas and Timothy heal her as she is a mentally ill woman who was being used so that the traffickers no longer were able to make money off her. God's energy danced within them and they overcame human inclination to not get involved against the establishment. They stood up following their Christian values as the energy of God danced within them. They got arrested, beaten and imprisoned. Due to an earthquake, the prison was compromised and Paul, Timothy and Silas could have escaped. They stayed. This surprised the guard and he converted and was baptized. He was moved by their faith and their moral behaviour due to their faith. They demonstrated their faith in action.

What do we do today with our gifts alive in all of us? How do intentionally use my gifts in ministry to others. May God Bless our lives and our actions.