Gal 5:1, 13-25 //Luke 9: 51-62

The Samaritan People (North) were much like the Jews of the South (Judea). They had the same scripture but understood that the purity laws were not as literal as the Temple Jews proclaimed. There was a distrust between the groups. The Temple centered Jews felt they were superior. When the Samaritans didn't openly welcome Jesus, his disciples wanted to destroy them. Jesus said no!

Jesus whole ministry was based upon his philosophy of love, inclusion, understanding, forgiveness and hope. He practiced Temple Judaism but with love and compassion. We in Canada on this Canada Day weekend, are embarking upon a federal election. It could be divisive. It is important for us to reflect upon our valuers, our core values, remembering that there is more that unites us as Canadians than separates us. What are your core values? What are they founded upon? Mine are the Christian Gospels, closely followed by the Books of the Acts and then the Epistles. It is my source of evaluation. Jesus calls us to love, include, forgive, share, take risks, and be charitable toward all people. There will be lots of pressure to make emotional decisions and choices based in fear but I believe that we must work from our values of verifiable knowledge, belief and practice. It is critical that we restrain ourselves in the heat of a discussion from "othering the other person or group". Keep centered in our Progressive Christian values as Anglicans.