Is 43;1-7 // 2Cor. 5: 16-20 // John 20: 1-18

We are in the midst of General Synod. It is fantastic that we have a new Primate, the Rt Rev. Dr. Linda Nicholls, currently the Bishop of Huron. She has a breadth of experience and a message to bring to the church. We are on the edge of change which will bring us great rewards as we practice love. We need to resurrect ourselves as a church out of the tomb of history. We are a dynamic people and we need to be alive in our responses to the world today. We know more and we have to move forward.

There was a sadness over the rejection of a change in the marriage canon. This matter is not finished. Society has moved forward at the direction of the Holy Spirit. We need to catch up. We need to worry about climate change, the smaller world and tribalism with its associated fear. We need to face the challenges and move forward.

We have to as a church in Canada face the real problems of our day. We must Reconcile our differences and live well with our differences. We are called to love and journey together as peoples of God.