Hosea 1:2-10 // Luke 11: 1-13

Progressive Christianity challenges us to have courage to be builders of social justice as peoples living today in today's world with its modern challenges. We come with new answers to these new problems but always grounded in the love of God for all people. God's love is inclusive of all without exception!

Our sources of inspiration are beyond the Bible. We are not limited to scriptural interpretations of the Bible. We are always aware  that the first word of God is not the Bible but Creation itself. God's first manifestation is the Universe and the planet Earth. We are part of the first words of God.

We can take inspiration from other spiritual journeys as well as science, academia and life experiences of people from all cultures as well as watching the other life communities that God created-members of the animal and fish and plant kingdoms. We are a community of all creation. Increasingly, we will see and experience this as our knowledge base grows. We are not to be afraid but know it comes from God's love as God is Love!

In the midst of this is a growing awareness of the historical nature of the church. It is being seen as "Small Church". The established church that seemed to dispense love in a conditional tribal ways. "Big Church" is the understanding that God's love is poured out for all of Creation, without condition. We are a community of the Universe where all are included, wanted and present with God even those who turn away, are in. It is Big Church that will join and act together to fight our greed and bring an end to the factors that are causing the planet to die. Together we can be the solution to Climate Change and allow for the sustainability of the planet. That is God working in and through all of us.