Isaiah 1: 10-20 // Heb. 11: 1-3, 8-16 // Luke 12: 32-40

“Know that the way we behave towards one another is the fullest expression of what we believe “is the fourth Hallmark of being a Progressive Christian. It is a challenge and often means that we often struggle with others and ourselves. Love is an active verb. We have explored the concept of God being a container of many historical and time sensitive meanings which all interplay today in the Bible and the church in various understandings and denominations.  

There is also another dynamic at play, that of each and every name being more than a name but an event that is alive and has many meanings. When we think of Jesus’ ministry, He always refers to God in action through us in a loving way, an inclusive way that does not other the other person nor their belief. This is classically known as weak theology but is better referenced as loving theology in line with “God is Love”. It is a struggle to love the unlovable. In this action, it is alive, changeling and inclusive. It is never one dimensional like our old friend “Flat Stanley”.  

Sadly, faith with associated actions can often resemble Flat Stanley in that it is safe, only friendly to those who believe what we believe and at best, when we are reaching inclusive of other Christians. 

As Progressive Christians, we are called to include and build community with all people on the planet. We are called to love and respect as value all others knowing that God who dwells in us, dwells in them. Jesus calls us to live our faith and be community together.